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Aztec Mayhem
A Ride from Lost Kingdom
Theme Park World Aztec Mayhem
Type Simulator
Cost $2500
Notes Accessible at level start

Aztec Mayhem is a Theme Park World ride which appears in Bullfrog's classic video game, Theme Park World. This ride appears in the Lost Kingdom world portion of the game.


Aztec Mayhem is a simulator ride where the visitors sit on benches which move in time with the video screen at the front to give the illusion that the riders are hurtling down a track.

Like most of the rides in Theme Park World, Aztec Mayhem can be upgraded once the Scientists employed in the park have researched the ride. The ride can be upgraded a total of three times.

Upgrade Costs[]

Upgrade Levels
Level Cost Speed Capacity Duration
2 $250 75 8 3
3 $250 90 12 3