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The Board of Directors are a group of people who supervise the company Theme Park Inc. in the game of the same name, and will also give you challenges (or in the case of Mr. Maybury, Operations)  throughout the course of the game.

Mr. Banks - Finance Director[]


Mr. Banks loves money more than anything else on this Earth. In fact, he has an altar to The Glories of Capitalism in his home. This should be warning enough that you should stay on his good side. If more persuasion is needed, remember that he presents SimCoaster’s all-important Annual Report each year. ~SimCoaster manual

Mr. Banks is the Finance Director of Theme Park Inc., and manages the yearly Annual Report. His challenges typically relate to money and selling items.


New Challenge Available![]

  • I calculate that a new challenge is available.
  • The gauntlet has been thrown down. A new challenge is available.
  • A new challenge is available.

Challenge Won![]

  • Okay, so you took the challenge and won the prize. Don't gloat! That's my job.
  • Well, you've mastered your challenge. The prize is yours.
  • You met the challenge so you take home the prize.

Challenge Failed[]

  • You failed to complete your challenge. This won't net you many friends along the way.

Miss Buckle - Facilities Director[]


Her attention to detail is renowned, as is her nervous nature. When she’s not dithering, she’s worrying—hence Mr. Maybury’s lack of confidence in her. Miss Buckle’s overriding aim in life is that her company provides top-notch facilities for visitors and staff alike. Any problems should be resolved with as little fuss as possible or she might just keel over! ~SimCoaster manual

Miss Buckle is the Facilities Director of Theme Park Inc. Her challenges typically relate to shops and facilities.


New Challenge Available![]

  • Oh, here we go, a new challenge is coming your way!
  • A new challenge is available, oh I'm not sure I can handle the pressure!

Challenge Won![]

  • Congratulations! You've met the challenge and won the prize! Oh imagine my relief!

Mr. Topp - Public Relations Director[]


Pleasing the customers is his main objective. He’s almost sickeningly enthusiastic about the importance of customer relations. In fact, I might go as far as to suggest he’s a bit of a slime-ball, but that would be a little unprofessional, now wouldn’t it? ~SimCoaster manual

Mr. Topp is the Public Relations Director of Theme Park Inc. His challenges typically relate to the guests in your park.


New Challenge Available![]

  • Hey hey! A new challenge is available!
  • You know what? Not only are you looking good today, but you have a new challenge!
  • A new challenge is available! Enjoy!

Challenge Won![]

  • High five! You've met the challenge and the prize is yours!
  • Congratulations! You mastered the challenge! You're one heck of an employee!
  • Well done! You met the challenge so you take home the prize, sure!

Challenge Failed[]

  • You better sit down for this one my friend. You gave it a good shot, but you failed to complete your challenge!

Miss Moody - Human Resources Director[]


The nickname ‘Ice Maiden’ has never been uttered in Miss Moody’s presence—and for good reason. She is a sharp-tongued force to be reckoned with. Deadly serious about staff issues, her lack of a sense of humor means that she is not a woman to be trifled with! ~SimCoaster manual

Miss Moody is the Human Resources Director of Theme Park Inc. Her challenges typically relate to your park's staff.


Select a player[]

  • Well, we'd like to offer you the job. However, I do just need your name from my personnel files...

New Challenge Available![]

  • A new challenge is available. I wonder if any of our employees are "worthy" of accepting it.
  • You have a new challenge. Perhaps if I lower my expectations, you'll succeed.

Challenge Won![]

  • You met the challenge and won the prize. Oh, let me make room for your swollen ego!
  • You beat your challenge. I apologise for my lack of faith.

Challenge Failed[]

  • Oh, you failed to complete your challenge. Better luck next time, you'll need it.

Professor Newton - Technology Director[]


Too pedantic and picky to be a worthy successor to Mr. Maybury, he is the archetypal scientist type. Having said that, he’s always keen to ensure the company has the latest technological advances—so listen to the substance of what he has to say, if not the nuts and bolts. ~SimCoaster manual

Professor Newton is the Technology Director of Theme Park Inc. His challenges typically relate to your researchers.

Mr. Maybury - President[]


If you need someone to rely on, here is your man. For reasons best known to himself, Mr. Maybury views you as his preferred successor to guide the theme park into its bright new future. He’s near retirement age now and doesn’t get on with any of the existing directors. He is a supportive force who’ll almost certainly give you a helping hand.
Listen carefully to his advice—he’s been in the theme park business longer than anyone!
~SimCoaster manual

Mr. Maybury is the president of Theme Park Inc., and wishes to go into retirement due to his old age, but after failing to try to get the other directors to manage the zones themselves, he leaves the job up to the player. Unlike the others, he doesn't give out any challenges but rather park Operations, which are basically the missions of the game.

The Advisor[]

Your trusted friend and confidante, the Advisor is always on hand to give you hints and tips on what to do next. With the Advisor’s words to the wise, you’ll maximize your returns and balance your books in no time. ~SimCoaster manual