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Bouncy Castle
A Ride from Theme Park
Theme Park Castle
Excitement Okay
Reliability Very Bad
Capacity 4
Cost 2000
Previous Monorail
Next Snakes and Ladders

The Bouncy Castle is a Theme Park Ride that, along with Tree House, Merry-Go-Round and Ghost House, is one of the rides you have when you first start off your park. The ride is a very popular attraction within the park even after bigger and more exciting rides have been built.

In game description[]

The Bouncy Castle is always an attraction, especially at this price. And it's yours with free vomit-resistant rubber.


The Bouncy Castle has a slightly different appearance on different platforms. On the PC version, it is stood up straight. On the Playstation version, the walls are leaning and on the Nintendo DS version, it is stood up straight like on the PC version and converted into a Japanese dojo-style bouncy castle in the Japan level.