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Caterpillar Coaster is a Theme Park World Ride that exists in the Wonderland themed portion of the game. It's impossible to obtain the ride unless your Scientist of the park finishes the project via Research Lab.


The ride's starting point is a toadstool house, the tracks and supports are green leaves and twigs and the vehicles that the visitors ride on are caterpillars.


The ride that puts wonder in Wonder Land! It's part of the final ride research group, and is a single-track roller coaster that will add the final flourish to any theme park. Make sure to reserve--or have enough cash to buy--land for the track, as you'll want a biggie. Once it's in place, build a veritable mall of shops around it to catch the punters while they're having fun. The Caterpillar Coaster's late appearance means it can't match the Candy Coaster in terms of importance, but overall it's a better, bigger ride that will revitalize even the most jaded parks at a click.