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Theme Park World Challengers

Challenges are a recurring event which occurs in Park world, where the The Advisor appears and gives the player a challenge to complete within a certain time frame. If you complete the challenge within the time frame, the player will win a large amount of money to spend in their park.

There are three figures with each challenge: The amount, The time frame and the amount of reward, which are all different for each individual challenge. An a example of this would be to sell 200 fries in 100 days.

The player can also win Golden Tickets and Golden Keys within each Park World.

Lost Kingdom Challenges[]

  • Sell 30 drinks in 60 days
  • Get 15 percent of the kids in the park to have balloons in the next 60 days
  • Get your sideshows to make $500 profit in under 60 days
  • Build a go-kart track with four crossroads in the next 30 days.
  • Sell 150 gifts in less than 90 days.
  • Build a Temple of Gloom roller coaster in under 60 days (Part 1).
  • Build a triple loop for the Temple of Gloom roller coaster(Part 2).
  • Get 200 people to ride the Temple of Gloom roller coaster in the next 180 days (Part 3).

Halloween World Challenges[]

  • Sell 30 burgers in 60 days.
  • Get 150 new visitors into your park within the next 180 days.
  • Research and build the Crypt Kart with 20 sections in under 60 days (Part 1)
  • Add jump upgrade to Crypt Kart track within 30 days (Part 2)
  • Make $500 profit from all shops in the next 60 days.
  • Get 100 kids to buy a balloon over the next 30 days.
  • Get 100 people onto the Jaw Dropper within 60 days of accepting the challenge.
  • Research and build the Hocus Pocus within 30 days.
  • Get 100 new visitors into your Halloween park in the next 30 days.

Wonder Land Challenges[]

  • Keep all staff over 50 happiness for 60 days.
  • Keep toilets 20 percent clean for 90 days.
  • Build Taptastic Rapids within 60 days (Part 1).
  • Add an upgrade to Taptastic Rapids within 30 days (Part 2)
  • Sell 100 Ice Creams over the next 60 days.
  • Sell 100 Costumes over the next 60 days.
  • Research two new rides in the next 120 days.
  • Upgrade Spore Spinner to level 3 in under 60 days.
  • Build Flamingo Fling in less than 60 days (Part 1).
  • Get 100 people to ride Flamingo Fling within 60 days (Part 2).

Space Zone Challenges[]

  • Sell 200 orders of fries in 90 days.
  • Get your sideshows to make $500 profit in 60 days.
  • Achieve an average mechanic skill level of 50 percent in under 60 days.
  • Build a Shocker roller coaster with loops within 60 days (Part 1).
  • Add more loops to Shocker roller coaster in less than 30 days (Part 2).
  • Get 100 peeps onto Shocker roller coaster in the next 30 days (Part 3).
  • Sell 50 restaurant meals in 30 days.