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Crypt Karts
A Ride from Halloween World
Type Go-Karts
Cost $4,000
Notes Researchable

Crypt Karts is a Theme Park World ride which appears in the Halloween World themed portion in the game. It is a race track type of ride which isn't available to the player from the start but is gained when the Scientist from the Research Lab have researched it.

Crypt Karts is the Halloween World version of Lost Kingdom's DinoKarts.


Crypt Karts is an essential ride in Halloween World. It takes some time to research but is relatively cheap for a track ride, and it's a proven winner. With two good-looking extra track sections in addition to the standard upgrades, there's plenty to play with. Crypt Karts can be a victim of its own success by generating long lines, but careful queue management can offset this. Other than that, just build Crypt Karts and go for it--long tracks and cross-roads a go go!

Crypt Karts

The Go-Kart track layout for the ride.