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A Ride from Lost Kingdom
Type Track Race/Go-Kart
Cost $6500 + track
Notes Researchable

DinoKarts is a Theme Park World ride which appears in the Lost Kingdom themed portion of the game. It is a race track type of ride which isn't available to the player from the start but is gained when your Scientists have researched it.

It costs £6,500 to buy with additional costs of around £200 apiece. Like most rides this ride can be upgraded to be more reliable, hold more people or to be able to go faster. The player is also able to buy tunnels and jumps to place on the track to make it more interesting, but they'll have to be researched first as upgrades.



  • Like all Go-Kart rides, building a path under a piece of track creates a bridge. (See image 3)
  • The cost of the track can be changed by editing the game files.