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Hospital Disasters

Disasters are a recurring event which occur within the players hospital in the Bullfrog video game, Theme Hospital.

Hospitals sometimes have to deal with disasters and continue to work efficiently, even under the strain these things exert on normal Hospital operations. To test your mettle, we've included a few likely disasters in the game Theme Hospital.

Room Destructions[]

This refers to when a piece of equipment wears down from overuse and lack of repair from a handyman. When the equipment wears down completely, it explodes and destroys the entire room making it uninhabitable and irremovable. If the patient and/or staff are in the room during the explosion, they die. Earthquakes can cause damage.


The incidence of a small tremor will prepare you for the larger quakes which will occur shortly afterwards. These damage your machines, adding to their Used Counts. If a machine already has a large Used Count, it might even explode, so if you notice the tremor and you value life, get your Handymen onto the machines in time for the imminent Continent Shaker.

Vomit waves[]

Vomit isn’t a nice subject but your Patients are in your Hospital because they’re sick and sometimes they will actually be sick. Cleaning up this mess quickly and without fuss is part of a Handyman’s job.

However, you know what it’s like. If one person sees another person being sick, the feeling of nausea spreads to both-and you have two people being sick. In a Hospital where people are sick already, if your Handymen are too busy to clean up the mess, your Hospital can suffer from wave of vomiting. Think of the way an avalanche starts with a single snowball... A vomit wave can overwhelm your Handymen and give you a genuinely serious problem to sort out.

Boiler Breakdowns[]

If you have a lot of radiators and not many Handymen, there’s a risk that all the radiators will breakdown, leading to protracted periods of hot and cold, which won’t do your Patients any good at all. Once a boiler breakdown occurs, there’s nothing you can do about it. You have to wait until it is fixed again automatically.


The appearance of rats in your Hospital is a by-product of litter and other filth. Rats get in through holes in the skirting boards. If you see a rat, point your cursor over it and shoot! Splat one rat! Just make sure a Handyman cleans it up.