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Theme Hospital Doctor

The Doctor is a member of Hospital Staff who you hire to work with the Nurses to diagnose and treat the patients at your hospital. The doctors are able to work in most of the treatment rooms and are able to use most machinery.

The doctors are ranked as junior doctors are slowly become consultants after working for a while. There are three specialist that Doctors have which are:


Just like with any of the other staff jobs, the player is given a brief description of the different doctors available when choosing who to hire. These descriptions can give the doctor in either a good or bad light. The descriptions are often funny.

Bad Reviews[]

  • Dreadful stamina - has a bad attitude. Enjoys French art-house films.

Good/ Mixed Reviews[]

  • Charming, polite and helpful. Smuggles fake watches.
  • Takes frequent baths. Has a wide range of skills.

Staff in Theme Games

Theme Park Staff
Teddy Man, Shark Man ,Handyman, Chicken Man, Strong Man, Mechanic, Rhino Man, Guard.
Theme Park World Staff
Cleaner, Mechanic, Entertainer, Guard, Scientist
Theme Hospital Staff
Doctors, Nurse, Receptionist, Handyman