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Epidemics are a constant event which occur within the players hospital in the Bullfrog video game "Theme Hospital".

Epidemics are revealed when a Patient is diagnosed with a contagious disease. All other Patients the contagious Patient has been in contact with will also be infected. You have 2 choices, so make your decision.

Declare an Epidemic[]

If you declare an epidemic, then treatment of this disease proceeds as normal. Your Patients are automatically vaccinated, halting the spread of the disease. You are fined and your Reputation suffers.

Attempt a Cover-Up[]

A Cover-Up is a race against time. All infected Patients are denoted by a flashing Bug icon above their heads. The Epidemic Watch starts counting down the time before a suspicious Health Inspector is due to call round. When he arrives at the Reception, he begins looking for infected patients. Each one he finds costs you a fine and a loss of Reputation.

How to Prevent It[]

To stop the disease from spreading, left-click on the Epidemic Watch to mark Patients with Bug icons above their heads for vaccination. Any spare Nurses then charge through your Hospital, attempting to reach and vaccinate each marked infected Patient. The Patient who should be vaccinated next is indicated by an arrow above his or her head. Vaccination prevents Patients from spreading the disease further but they still have to be cured. Beating the battle against an Epidemic before the clock count down earns you financial compensation and a Reputation boost.