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Fries Shop
A Shop from Lost Kingdom, Halloween World, Wonderland, Space Zone
Type Fries Shop
Cost $750
Notes Researchable

The Fries Shop is a type of shop which the player can buy for £750 one off payment and is one of the cheapest shops around. This shop can be bought by the player for many of the park worlds including Lost Kingdom, Halloween World, Wonderland and Space Zone.


The shop, like the other shop that exist in multiple park worlds, has a different appearance in order to blend in with theme of the park world. The shop sells chips to the visitors of the parks and the shop is able to produce chips for less if they put the amount of salt all the way up.

Fries and Drink shops trick[]

Place a Fries Shop next to a Drinks Shop and put the price of the fries right down to $0. Then put the SALT right the way up so there is all possible salt on the fries. DON'T FORGET TO CLICK APPLY ON BOTH OR IT WONT WORK!!! The visitors should buy some fries and the salt will dry their mouths out and will need a drink so set the price of the Drinks to $10,000 and they will have to pay for a drink!!!