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GPs Office

A GP's Office is one of the most used, visited and important rooms built in Theme Hospital as each patient visiting the hospital enters it at least once. Only a Doctor is able to work in a GP's office, but the office may be unoccupied during additional diagnosis for a patient.

The room contains a Doctor's desk, a chair for the patient and a filing cabinet. Additionally, extra items such as; plants, radiators, and fire extinguishers can be added (although fire extinguishers serve no purpose). After level one, it is essential to have at least two of these rooms, not only for minimizing queues, but also as a fast way to make money.

Manual description[]

GP’s Office is where a Doctor examines Patients, to try to find out what’s wrong with them. The Doctor’s examination determines whether that Patient is sent to a Treatment Room where a cure can be attempted or whether the Patient should be referred to another Diagnosis Room for further examination