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Ghost House
A Ride from Theme Park
Theme park Ghost House
Excitement Okay
Reliability Very Good
Capacity 5
Cost 20,750
Previous Parasol Chairs
Next Race Car Ride

Ghost House is a Theme Park Ride which appears in the full list of rides which exist in the game, Theme Park. Ghost House, along with Bouncy Castle, Tree House and Merry-Go-Round, is one of the four rides which you start a park off with.

The Ghost House is one of the first rides that you get in a park and is the 14th ride in the full list of rides featured in the game, Theme Park.


The ghost house is a cheap but thrilling ride with lots of spooks for lots of people. Wait until they get a load of the pyrotechnics.


The ghost house differs slightly from platform to platform. On the PC version, the cart goes into a tunnel and the lightning above the Ghost House strikes. On the Playstation version, the cart goes into the tunnel but the lightning above the ride doesn't strike. On the Nintendo DS version, the Ghost House does the same as the PC version. The Ghost House is converted into an Australian Safari ride in the Australia level. Instead of a skeleton's head, a crocodile tries to bite the cart as it goes past.