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The Guard (short for Security Guard) is a member of the player's Park staff whose job it is to patrol the Park to ensure that the Park's visitors are staff and that they are behaving themselves. The guard appears in both 1994's Theme Park and its sequel game Theme Park World where they wear the typical guard uniform of a Black Blazer, Black Trousers and a White Shirt.

In both games, the Guards can be assigned patrol areas for them to walk which improve their efficiency and makes sure that the whole park is covered and protected by the Guards as they are better enabled to deal with the Park's hooligans and mischief-makers. In Theme Park World, the player is able to purchase security cameras and place them in the Park to assist the guard in spotting trouble makers quickly.

In-Game Descriptions[]

  • Theme Park: The guards will protect your park from nasty hooligans and spot consumers association spies. You may think that everything is going to be sweetness and light in your Theme Park, but think again. If you're lucky enough to be so successful that customers pour in, you're going to need someone to take care of crowd control, re-directing lost visitors onto the right path. If you're unlucky and attract the wrong crowd, these are the guys responsible for forcibly removing troublemakers from the premises.
  • Theme Park World: The visitors might be kids, but kids can misbehave as well as the next person! Guards are there to keep things under control theoretically. Tip: Install Security cameras to make the Guards more effective.


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