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Halloween World
Theme park world Halloween World
Type Horror
Entry 1 Golden Key
Worlds: Lost Kingdom
Halloween World
Space Zone
"Abandon hope all ye who enter here! Muhahahaha [coughs]. Pretty scary, ha, hm. Welcome to Halloween World, guaranteed to thrill you to the bone. Do you want to see something really scary? [turns around, then back again with a spooky eye] Boo!"
The Advisor

Halloween World is a park world which appears in Theme Park World. To enter this world the player needs to have a Golden Key which is given to them by The Advisor in the game lobby.

Since this world and Lost Kingdom require only one key, this means the player must choose between the two of them and set up a park. The player can earn Golden Tickets for meeting certain targets; when you obtain three tickets, you get an extra key.


A scary theme park with ghostly rides and haunted houses. This world, along with the Lost Kingdom only need one Golden Key to unlock. Both this park and Lost Kingdom are the easiest to play at.


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