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The Handyman staff type refers to members of staff members who job it is to keep your park clean and maintain the players park or Hospital. Whilst these staff members perform similar tasks functions to each other they are however referred to by different classes depending on which game the player is playing. In Theme Park and Theme Hospital, they are known as Handyman whilst in Theme Park World they are simply known as cleaners or Janitors.

As well as going by slightly different names, these staff members have different appearances and wear different uniforms on the job. In each game their roles are to perform two or three tasks to maintain order in the park or Hospital. When employed in the Theme Parks these staff members can be assigned patrol routes by the player which makes them more efficient at their jobs and makes sure that all areas of the Park are covered.

Handymen (Theme Park)[]

In "Theme Park" the Handyman is an important member of staff as is their sole responsibility to keep the Park looking clean and tidy. They can be purchased from the Staff screen for a fixed cost of £100 a month fee and wear a Yellow and Red uniform whilst working in the Park.

The Handyman performs one of either two tasks depending on where the player chooses to first place them in the Park, though they can be switched later. If they are placed on one of the Park's footpaths then they will patrol the Park cleaning up any discarded litter that the Theme Park visitors have dropped. If placed on the grass area of the Park they will whip out a Green lawnmower and start to cut the grass.

Game Description
These are the guys who keep the park tidy. If you're after the most attractive park award, they mow the grass, and keep the place from being labelled a health hazard by picking up burger wrappers, cola cups and other assorted litter, Crucially, handymen also keep the toilets spic, span and fit for human occupation.

Handyman (Hospital)[]

The Handyman from Theme Hospital is a member of the Hospital staff that can be hired to perform maintenance in your Hospital. In this game, the Handyman appearance is much older than in previous games as they have White hair and each wear a uniform consisting of a Brown jacket paired with Blue dungarees. In the game these staff members have three main responsibilities which are repairing machinery, watering plants and cleaning up rubbish, vomit and the corpses of mice.

Game Description
Handymen clean up your Hospital. Their Ability bar shows how good they are at detecting problems. They hurry around, sweeping away litter and other rubbish that falls on the floor, watering plants, looking after the radiators, and maintaining your expensive Hospital equipment. The more Handymen you have, the cleaner and safer your Hospital will be.

Cleaners (World)[]

In Theme Park World these staff members are referred to as cleaners or janitors in the in the Sim Theme Park version. They can be hired from the staff menu but unlike their Theme Park versions they each come with different wages based on their skill levels. Their appearance is similar to their Hospital counterparts as they both wear Grey overcoats whilst working. They clean up the muck and trash left on the ground by the visitors, and clean Bathrooms as well.

Game description
Cleaners keep your park clean, sweeping up litter, maintaining the toilets and mopping up the wee accidents that often happen after a particularly stomach-churning ride! Tip: Place a Cleaner and set his patrol area to cover litter ‘blackspots’. If you build a staff room close by, he can tidy up the mess, and rest himself adequately without leaving the area unattended for too long!

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