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Hospital item menu

Theme Hospital Items refers to the extra items, in Bullfrog's video game Theme Hospital, that the player is able to buy to furnish the rooms and corridors of the hospital.

Corridor Items[]

The following are items which may be purchased to furnish the corridors of the hospital. Fire extinguishers, radiators and plants may be directly placed into rooms.

Reception Desk[]

Theme Hospital receptionist

The Reception Desk is of course the desk in the hospital where the Receptionist works. It costs the hospital £150 per desk. The first visitor will not show up until the there is a receptionist at the desk.


Theme Hospital Bench

A bench is the only form of seating provided for the patients and visitors who come into your hospital. Each bench costs the hospital £40 and can be rotated to face any direction. Benches are normally placed against the different rooms of the hospital.

Drink Machine[]

Theme Hospital Drink machine

The Drink Machine is the only source of drink available to the patients and visitors at your hospital. Hovering over the machine will give you a display of how many people have used it. It costs £500 to buy. Selling lots of drinks may award you with a special trophy at the yearly appraisal screen.

Fire extinguisher[]

Theme Hospital fire

The Fire extinguisher refers to single Red Fire extinguisher that can be bought and placed around your hospital as a form of fire protection. They cost £25 per Fire extinguisher and an unlimited amount can be bought. Placing one near machinery will reduce the amount of breakdowns.


Theme Hospital Radiators

Radiators refer to small White Radiators that you can buy for your hospital. They can be placed, in any number, in both rooms and in the corridor. They of course work to keep the hospital warm and the more you place the easier it is to keep all areas warm.


Theme Hospital plants

Plants refer to small plants that the player can place around the hospital for £5 each. They can be arranged in any way but look awesome when arranged in trees. Plants raise the happiness levels of your patients and members of staff and make your hospital look great for the inspectors.