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Theme Hospital PolicyScreen

The Policy Screen is a feature that appears in Theme Hospital. This screen allows you to alter and change the policy in the player's Hospital.

Diagnosis Termination[]

This is a sneaky and underhand way to make more money. Although you can Diagnose a Patient to 100%, whereupon the cure is obvious, you can keep the Patient in the Hospital by performing unnecessary further diagnosis, which the Patient eventually has to pay for. The Patient is, of course, not aware of the extra tests and receives the cure needed in due course anyway. It's just a way of extracting further cash when times are quiet.

You may set Diagnosis Termination to any level over 100%, be aware that over-diagnosis places extra strain on your resources. If the Patient is kept into the Hospital for too long, he or she could well leave without paying. In that case, You would lose out financially and your reputation will suffer.

Send Staff to Rest[]

This governs the threshold of tiredness at which Staff will make their way to the Staff Room to relax. If this is set too low, your Staff will be more alert, but will spend much less time actually engaged upon their work; they’ll be forever in the Staff Room, or on the way to or from it.

If you set the Send Staff To Rest threshold too high, Staff become more tired at their posts and make mistakes, as well as becoming increasingly unhappy. They end up asking for more money and even resigning if they feel they have been taken advantage of.

Staff Leave Rooms[]

This button toggles whether you want your Staff to attend rooms requiring someone of their Skills when they aren’t actively working in their own room. If this is set to No, Staff are at their most efficient and will stay in their own rooms, unless they are using the Staff Room, or going to or from it. The downside is that you need to employ Staff for every room that requires it, if you wish to adopt this policy. This can be costly if some rooms aren’t used regularly. This option is best for later levels, when you can afford at least one Doctor for each room. If Staff Leave Rooms is set to Yes, the Staff will leave their rooms if required elsewhere. This setting means that you may employ fewer Staff in your Hospital but it can lead to long queues and inefficiency, if Staff are forever rotating between rooms.