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Hospital GPs

Hospital Rooms refers to the rooms which the player builds for the patients and staff that visit your hospital during a game of Theme Hospital. As the player progresses through the levels of the game, more and more rooms become available via research.

The size of the room, above the minimum size, is up to the player as well as the placement of the door and the amount of windows in the room. The more windows placed in a room the happier the staff members are.

Extra items can be placed in rooms during construction such as bookcases and skeletons in Psychiatries. Plants, radiators and other items can be placed in at any time.


Clinics There are several different types of clinics in Theme Hospital. Doctors use these specially equipped rooms to cure many of the diseases you can actually see Patients suffering from, such as the Inflation Clinic that cures Bloaty Head. Being able to build all the different kinds of clinics in Theme Hospital is a major achievement and something we don’t want to spoil by telling you all about it.

Facilities These ancillary rooms aren’t as glamorous as the Clinics or Treatment Rooms but they are essential to the continual smooth running of any Hospital. There are four types of facilities: Toilets, Staff Rooms, Research Rooms, and Training Rooms.

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