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Hospital staff

Hospital Staff refers to the different staff types that you can hire to work at your hospital within the game Theme Hospital. Just like in the real world, the staff members have set jobs and tasks for them to complete.

If a staff member feels over worked or underrated, they can ask the player for a pay raise. The player has the option of giving them more money, firing them or ignoring the request.

All staff with the exception of the receptionists, are affected by both tiredness and warmth, which must be cared for if the staff are to remain content. Use of Staff Rooms, which can be furnished with a number of relaxing and entertaining devices, allows staff to be rested. Placing a suitable number of radiators in rooms allows staff to be kept warm.

Also, plants are needed in rooms to comfort patients; as, if they get too uncomfortable, they may leave. Having the staff overworked often results in the staff demanding a raise and threatening to quit, but in some cases, the staff may go crazy instead, causing them to slow down with tiredness, and laboriously make their way to the nearest staff room.

Staff types[]

Staff in Theme Games

Theme Park Staff
Teddy Man, Shark Man ,Handyman, Chicken Man, Strong Man, Mechanic, Rhino Man, Guard.
Theme Park World Staff
Cleaner, Mechanic, Entertainer, Guard, Scientist
Theme Hospital Staff
Doctors, Nurse, Receptionist, Handyman