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Lost Kingdom
Theme park world Lost Kingdom
Type Adventure
Entry 1 Golden Key
Worlds: Lost Kingdom
Halloween World
Space Zone
"Enter a land of prehistoric mystery, where reptilian giants roam the land, where you season the primordial soup. Welcome to... Lost Kingdom. The Theme Park that time forgot. "
The Advisor

Lost Kingdom is a park world which features in Theme Park World. To enter Lost Kingdom the player needs to have a Golden Key which is given to them by The Advisor in the game lobby.

Since this world and Halloween require only one key, this means the player must choose between the two of them and set up a park. The player can earn Golden Tickets for meeting certain targets, when you obtain three tickets, you get an extra key.


A jungle theme park with Aztec castles and dinosaurs. This along with Halloween World is the first world you begin with, but Wonderland and Space Zone can be unlocked later on with Golden Keys. This park, along with Halloween World, are the easiest.


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Just like the other park worlds in Theme Park World, The Lost Kingdom has rides which are unique to it and some that are the same or similar to the other worlds .


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  • Colourful Bush (Gold edition exclusive)
  • Golden Idol (Gold edition exclusive)
  • Golden Statue
  • Huge Hollow Rock
  • Huge Leafy Rock
  • Large Rock Pillar
  • Large Sign
  • Large Leaf
  • Lava Fountain
  • Leafy Bush (Gold edition exclusive)
  • Litter Bin
  • Mammoth Fountain
  • Medium Bush
  • Rattle Snake (Gold edition exclusive)
  • Round Fountain
  • Security Camera
  • Small Bush
  • Small Rock
  • Small Rock Pillar
  • Small Toilet
  • Small Tree
  • Speaker: Screeches
  • Speaker: Strange Deep
  • Speaker: Undergrowth
  • Speaker: Wild Beasts
  • Staff Room
  • Stone Head
  • Tiny Rock
  • Tropical Flower
  • Wooden Log