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Theme Park Mechanic

A Mechanic is a member of the staff who appear with the game Theme Park where they are employed in the player park.

The Mechanic is an important member of the Theme Park staff whose job it is to keep a watch out for broken rides and fix them up. The Mechanic is often seen putting a fence around a broken ride before fixing it. In their free time, they often sit on patches of grass in the park and have a picnic. It costs $250 to hire a Mechanic.

When a ride malfunctions, it's going to become a danger unless there's a mechanic to fix it. They are responsible for maintenance of all the rides, and cordon off any sub-standard attraction before getting to work fixing it, blow torch in hand.

Fail to have enough Mechanics and your park soon gets a reputation for unreliability, damaging visitors numbers and gate receipts. Mechanics can be difficult to motivate into resounding quickly and are often at the centre of any industrial dispute, but they're essential to the smooth running of your Theme Park.

Hint: It's extremely important to look after your rides. If the worst happens and one actually explodes, not only are the people using it sent into lower orbit (and after that, they're likely to sue) but land damaged by the exploding ride cannot be built on again.

In-game Description[]

The Mechanic will fix any ride that breaks down. An important job.

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