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The Message Center is a Feature that's only available in Theme Park Inc. It allows the player to view messages in game sent by The Advisor. Sometimes, the Board of Directors might send out Fun and Useful Information for the player to see.

SimCoaster Message Center


Important business messages and park information is e-mailed here. The figure indicates the number of unread messages. Check your messages frequently to ensure everything is running smoothly

Types of Messages[]

  • White- Normal (Various Messages from Board of Directors, New Available Challenges, New Research, etc.)
  • Green- Annual Report
  • Flashing Red- Urgent (Ride Broken Down/Condemned, Idle Scientists, Wage Demand, Staff on Strike Threat, Park Visitor Behaviour Problem)

Message quotes:[]

From: Miss Moody[]

Challenge Progress[]

Enough slacking - the preparation period for the following challenge has ended, so you better get to it!

Re: Fwd: Joke, Amusing, Funny[]

It is obviously necessary to remind staff about the company's policy concerning the electronic messaging system. This system is for work use only. Under no circumstances should the system be used for private business or for circulating jokes. If there is a repeat offence, we will be reluctantly be forced to take extreme steps against the employee responsible.

Urgent Wage Demand[]

Re: (Employee's Name)

The above employee is unhappy with their wage, and is demanding a pay rise of (Price Amount). They won't work well unless they get it.

You should deal with this problem urgently.

Training Complete[]

Re: (Employee's Name)

Ability: (Ability)

Good news! The above mentioned employee has finished training and now has the ability indicated.

Corporate Instruction 25[]

Will the staff member who has been repeatedly parking in the Chairman's space, please collect his car from reception. Bring a two foot square cardboard box in which to take it home.

From: Mr. Banks[]

Corporate Instruction 116[]

Staff members are reminded that fire extinguishers are for use ONLY for extinguishing fires.