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Theme Park Negotiation screens

The Negotiation Screen is a game function which appears in the 1994's video game "Theme Park" and is a way of settling disputes between the player and the park staff working in their park.

You must negotiate with staff to settle industrial disputes, and with suppliers to decide the cost of stock. These negotiations occur when the Negotiation screen appears. The more staff and shops you have, the more regularly you need to enter into negotiations for goods and services.


You sit on the left, across the table with the staff union organizer. You both need to shake hands over a new deal, tentatively extending a hand across the tale as you talk. You must come to an agreement before the biscuits run out or negotiations fail, putting the success of your park in jeopardy.

Note: Don't raise your offer to quickly or by too much. the union man can smell fear on you like cheap aftershave and won't drop the worker's pay demands by a single penny. Take it slow and don't lose your head. If you fail to come to agreement with the union then when you return to your park, your staff will be on strike. Your staff will stop working and walk to the park's front gate where they will strike and picket anyone attempting to visit your park.

It's not the best publicity for you park, and when a ride malfunctions or the litter mounts up, you're going to start losing money hand over fist. Far better to make a wage settlement while you can.

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