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The Operating Theater is a hospital room which can be built with the player's hospital within the Theme Hospital game. This room is where the Doctors who are trained in Surgery to perform operations on Patients. Only doctors with a "Surgeon" symbol on their records can work in this room. Regular doctors can be trained via Training Room by a consultant who is a Surgeon to become a Specialist themselves.

Room Requirements[]


Operating Theater requires items: Operating Table, Screen, Sink, monitor. It's advisable to add 2 radiators, 1 plant, and a bin by the door or screen. Patients, after correctly diagnosed in GP, go to Ward to have a short stay, then go here to have surgery.

Requires two surgeons. Operating Table requires maintenance by a handyman. Minimum size is 6 by 6 squares.

  • Doctor movement: In → behind the screen → sink → operating table (one to each side) (→ behind the screen → out IF there's a call for their expertise elsewhere in hospital). If no patients left, they stay in the surgeon smock inside the Theater
  • Patient movement: In → behind the screen → on the operating table → behind the screen → out

The monitor screen show no obvious application despite being a required item.