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Operation Expand! is the very first operation in Theme Park Inc. that takes place in the Land of Invention, where the Board of Directors start simple and task you to get 40 people into the zone at once before they can trust you to expand the park.


I'm sure you want to expand your park, but we won't buy you any more land until you've proved that you know how to run a Theme Park. If you can get 40 people into the park at one time, we'll let you open a whole new area to the north-west.

Mr Maybury President, Theme Park Inc.

Mr. Maybury's description[]

"Pay attention, now! The first stage of our expansion is to open the land to the north-west! Prove yourself here, and we'll move you onto bigger and better things!"


Get 40 visitors into the park at once.


This is a very easy mission to do, especially since the Land of Invention already comes with paths, a ride and some features already placed down for you when you first enter it, but you're free to delete them and put in your own if you'd prefer. Simply provide the necessities to it, such as a ride or a few (preferably Rocking Rocket, as roller coasters will drive more people to your park and it's the only one available to you at the start), some shops and facilities, possibly sideshows, as well as staff and a staff room (or you can do that later if you feel cheap), and your park should soon get around 40 visitors simultaneously, allowing you to open the gate to the north-west.