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SimCoaster Lake

Operation Plughole! is the second operation in Theme Park Inc. that takes place in the Land of Invention, where the Board of Directors task you to find the solution for the oversized lake to the west.


Now listen up, my young friend. The lake to the west is blocking you from expanding your park any further.

I think you could find a solution, with the help of a few eggheads. Build a Research Lab -the plans for it have been made available to you. Then, hire some Scientists and tell them to research a way to drain that lake.

I suspect that you're going to need staff with particular abilities to remove this obstacle. If so, we'll give you plans for a Training Room so you can train up your staff.

Keep an eye on the Objectives screen: your Scientists will post the solution there as soon as they've worked it out.

Mr. Maybury's description[]

Okay, do you think some Scientists could find a way of getting past to the lake to west? I hope so, our future development depends on it.