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This Page covers the "Park Status Screen" which is seen in Bullfrog's "Theme Park. The park Status screen is key to understanding the needs of your customers. If you don't keep them happy, your Park isn't going to last too long.

Using the screen[]

At the top of the screen are two rows of little peeps. The Back row shows the % of happy visitors, the % of undecided visitors and the % of unhappy visitors, with a key to the different colours. When more people leave your Theme Park dissatisfied than happy, take it from me you're in a heap of trouble. You are also told the number of people in the park, and the number due to arrive on the next bus.

Thought Bubbles[]

Theme Park thought Bubbles

The front row shows the thoughts of the park's visitors. A good Theme Park operator responds to his customer's needs - it's only good business. Visitors to your park give signals to show their level of satisfaction or frustration.

If they're A-OK, you'll see it in a hand signal. One signal to pay close attention to is yawning. If park visitors begin to yawn, it's a clear sign that they're not being entertained - and after all entertainment is what they've come for. Build some new rides, beef up the ones you already have, but do something before bad word of mouth destroys attendance figures and your park's reputation.