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Race Car Ride
A Ride from Theme Park
Theme park Race Car Ride
Excitement Very Good
Reliability Quite Good
Capacity 25
Cost 21,250
Previous Ghost House
Next Big Dipper

The Race Car Ride is a Theme Park Ride that the player is able to purchase and build in their Theme Park. It, along with the Monorail, Rubber Tubing and Roller Coaster, are track rides where the player sets down track and designs how the ride looks and operates. The track can be as a simple or complicated, short or long as the player wants, with awards for long tracks being given out on the Yearly Appraisal screen. The ride appears in the seventeenth full list of rides in the game.

Game Description[]

The race car ride gives you the Indy 500 on a scale of 5 and it's safer. You'll get lot's of budding Mansell's on this one.


In the game, the entrance the player places on the tracks determines/ generates the carts used on the ride and so if the player was to put the wrong entrance down (e.g., a Rubber tubing entrance down on a car ride) the ride would use the tubing carts instead.

Since the Rubber Tubing's float are designed for the Race Car Track, the riders are more likely to fly off when going around corners.