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Theme Park World Research lab

Research Lab is a feature of the game Theme Park World and Theme Park Inc where the Scientists of the player's park conduct research into rides.

In Theme Park World, this lab upgrades existing rides, shops, sideshows and features. It also is where the scientists also invent new rides.

In Theme Park Inc, The lab works the same but you have an actual building to place in order for Scientists to Research. The Research Lab is available to build once you complete Operation Expand!.

Research Lab is not available in Instant Action mode. It's automatic, you start with one Scientist and discoveries are made automatically.


  • The Big Bar - Allows you to determine how hard your scientists work, affecting how much research gets done overall. While the bar has a limit to how hard the scientists work, you can raise the maximum by hiring more scientists or by increasing their skill level. The face at the bottom shows you how grueling the work load is - a higher work load, the faster your scientists get tired and unhappy.
  • Individual Bars - The sliders next to the bars allow you to govern how much of the total research each option receives. The amount of research your scientists do gets split among the five options shown, determined by the slider. To the right of the sliders is a research bar which gradually depletes, giving you a rough estimate of how much time is left till the topic is done, and by using the arrows you can select which topic your scientists work on. To the far right is a bubbling test tube. This is mainly for show, but gets faster the more research is diverted to the option.

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