Roller Coaster
A Ride from Theme Park
Theme park Roller Coaster
Excitement Top notch
Reliability Okay
Capacity 4
Cost 12,250
Previous Maze
Next Clown Act

The Roller Coaster is a Theme Park Ride which appears ninth on the full list of ride within the game Theme Park. This ride requires the player to build a track, which the player can make as long an twisting as they like. An award is available to be won if the player build a roller coaster with a longer enough track.

Description Edit

The roller-coaster. So exciting I feel like vomiting just thinking about it. It comes complete with plug in slots for other features that'll make your park the greatest.

Differences Edit

The Roller Coaster differs slightly from platform to platform. On the PC version, the Roller Coaster has flags but on the Playstation and Nintendo DS versions, it doesn't.