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The Scanner is a hospital room which can be built within the players hospital. This room, manned by Doctors, is where they analyze diseases for the Patients.

Scanner room required items: scanner machine, screen, operator console. it's advisable to place a radiator to keep the operator warm.

The Scanner can diagnose almost every disease in the game.

Requires any doctor. The Scanner Machine requires maintenance by a Handyman. Minimum size is 5 by 5 squares.

  • Doctor's movement: Sits at the console
  • Patient movement: In → behind the screen → in the scanner → behind the screen → out

The Scanner is a favorite phase by patients, unlike X-Ray. You can have a long queue right after placing it, and the queue is nonstop that can lead to breaking that machine. It's advisable to always place an eye on that room to have the operator rest and repair the machine.

The Scanner is first available in Frimpton-on-Sea.