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SimCoaster Special Ride
"As you progress through SimCoaster, you will discover run-down rides that have been left abandoned in far-flung areas of your park. You can unlock these rides and make them available to the general public. First, you must win Golden Tickets by completing challenges. You must also train your staff in the required special abilities"
―Theme Park Inc. Manual

Special Rides are the new addition to Theme Park Inc. These types of rides are different from the ones you buy from the Attractions Screen or Researching them via Research Lab. Unlike Theme Park World where you can buy them with Golden Tickets from the Purchasing Screen, these rides are decayed and dilapidated husks until you can train your staff with the necessary abilities so the ride can be repaired and open for visitors to ride. but you need to complete certain objectives and earn enough Tickets to do so.

List of Special Rides[]