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The Advisor, his actual name is never stated, is a recurring character who appears in many different games that were produced by Bullfrog Productions, specifically appearing in many of the "Theme" video games. His first appearance was in 1994's Theme Park, followed by 1997's Theme Hospital, 1999's Theme Park World and 2001's Theme Park Inc..

Whilst each version of the character is referred to by the same name in each game, there are many differences between each versions as their appearance is styled to match the theme of the game such as him being dressed as a doctor in Theme Hospital and as a investor in Theme Park. He is styled as a Human in Theme Hospital and Theme Park but is a weird ball creature in Theme Park World and Theme Park Inc. In Theme Park and Theme Hospital, he is an nonspeaking 2D image but is a 3D speaking character in Theme Park World and Theme Park Inc.

Whilst his appearance differs between games, his function is the same as he always acts as an on screen help function for the player during gameplay. His job is to communicate with the player offering advice, tips, congratulations and warning for when things are either just about to go wrong or just has.

Different versions[]

Theme Park[]

The Advisor first appears in the opening cut-scene in Theme Park where a family are sat together watching television when the young boy says he's bored. The Advisor suddenly appears on the TV screen, teleports himself into the living room and introduces himself before using his magic powers to abduct the family and their dog through the Television screen.

He appears on screen during gameplay as a 2D version of himself who is only able to communicate with the player via a set of speech bubbles, unlike later versions who have their own voice.

Other Versions[]

  • The Theme Hospital Advisor takes the appearance of a Doctor and, like in Theme Park, is a 2D image who can only communicate via text messages inside speech bubbles.
  • The Theme Park World Advisor, despite Theme Park World being a sequel to Theme Park, is vastly different to each other with the Theme Park one being a Human figure and the World one being a weird ball creature. Theme Park World version has his own voice and is able to speak rather than communicating via text bubbles. The world version is able to switch clothes for different announcements whilst the Park version is just a still image during gameplay.
  • For more information: Theme Park Inc. Advisor


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