Advisor 1

The advisor refers to a recurring element which appears, in slightly different venerations through out the Bullfrog games. This element is a on screen figure who communicates warnings, notices, advice and congratulations to the player as a form of in game help.

The advisor also specially refers to the help element from the game Theme Park who actually gives "The Advisor" as his name.

Theme Park Edit

This version of the character/ function is the oldish occurring version. We see more of him than the others as he appears in the opening cut scene where he comes out of a bored family's television set and transports them into his magic theme park.

Though he talks during the opening cut scene, he is unable to talk out loud during the actual game play where he instead communicates with the player via messages of text.

Other Versions Edit

The Advisor appears in multiple bullfrog games but tends to have a few differences between games. Each game tends to use a different image to represent him due to the focus of the game eg he dresses as a doctor in Theme Hospital.

Despite the fact that the game Theme Park World is a sequel to Theme Park, the two advisers are very different. The Theme Park World Advisor is a Black ball who is able to speak and who is able to change is clothes, shape and has more functions.