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The Firepit
A Ride from Halloween World
The Firepit
Type Spinning Ride
Cost £2,500
Notes Researchable

The Firepit is a small single structure ride which the player is able to purchase for £2,500 and place in their Halloween World park. The ride is researched by the scientist of the park and is not available at the start of the game.


A very reliable ride, the Firepit looks great and delivers both quality and quantity from the moment it goes into action. A worthy third research group member, it should follow hot on the heels of the Ghosta Coasta in the study stakes.

Once you've got it, the pitifully cheap upgrade price of $250 is a snip. Although if you're pushed for cash, only take the Firepit up to Level 2, as its performance levels out at this point.


In the PS1 version of the game, It's named "Thrill Grill"