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For Research in Theme Park World, see Research Lab.
For Research in Theme Hospital, see Research Rooms.

The Research Screen

The Research Department is a screen in the "Theme Park" video game where the player is able to send money to research improvements to your park. In the full business game you won't get any new rides unless you pump money into research. And how are you going to hold your head up among your fellow Theme Park owners with only a Bouncy Castle and a couple of slides in your park?

Research categories[]

There are six Research vats, all thirsty for cash. To divert money from the Research pump into the vats.

The six research vats are for:

  • Upgrade ride - Spend your money improving the rides already in the park.
  • New ride designs - Invest in completely new ways to scare the living daylights out of visitors to the park.
  • New shop designs - Invest in completely new ways to wiring every penny out of visitors to the park.
  • Staff training - Are your staff sullen? Disorganized? Lacking in motivation? Improve the service they offer to customers by pouring money into this research vat.
  • New features - Say "Goodbye" to the outhouse and "Hello" to the super toilet. You can also develop more exotic plant life by spending money here.
  • Upgrade facilities - Enlarge your warehouse to benefit from the economies to scale your achieve buying in bulk, and get some bigger buses to bring in the crowds.

The Research Barometer attached to each vat shows how close the items being researched are to completion. The more White on show, the nearer you are to a break through. The research graph beneath each tank fills up with small white dots. When the whole graph has turned White, you have achieved the maximum level to research possible from that vat.

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