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Theme Park Inc. (also known as SimCoaster in the United States and Theme Park Manager in Australia) is the last game of the series from Bullfrog that started with Theme Park in 1994 and continued with Theme Park World in 1999. It was released solely on Windows and Macintosh PCs in 2000, and was Bullfrog's last title before their closure.


Congratulations! You're Theme Park Inc.'s new Assistant Manager! So, are you ready to create the most exciting Theme Park the world has ever seen? You'll soon be building incredible gut-wrenching loop-the-loop coasters, researching exciting new attractions and upgrades, promoting, Special Rides and hiring & firing staff in no time at all.

But watch out for kiddie pranksters, grumbling grannies, freak weather and striking staff - they're certainly going to give you the ride of your life!


The president of the company, Mr. Maybury, has hired you as an assistant manager to help their three theme park zones grow, and eventually, take over his place as president (which unfortunately, everyone on the Board of Directors but himself has failed on that regard) as he wishes to bring the parks to fruition, and after that, retire.

General gameplay[]

Theme Park Inc. shares most of the same gameplay as its predecessor, but there are a couple of major changes, the most notable one being the mission (or "Operation") driven structure that's provided by Mr. Maybury himself. These objectives rely on the player to expand one of the three zones (also known as parks) - The Land of Invention, Polar Zone, and Arabian Nights - by having hired Scientists (who now utilize a physical Research Lab to use) think of a way to expand the park by getting rid of obstacles blocking park Areas, which typically requires training employees into specific abilities using the Training Lab, as well as getting Promotions, both of which also normally require Golden Tickets. The only exception to this is the very first operation, Operation Expand!, instead requiring the player to get 40 people into the Land of Invention at once.

Along the way, you'll have to complete Challenges from the Board of Directors (consisting of Mr. Banks, the Finance Director, Miss Buckle, the Facilities Director, Mr. Topp, the Public Relations Director, Miss Moody, the Human Resources Director, Professor Newton, the Technology Director, and Mr. Maybury, the President) to earn Shares (in which you need at least 51% to complete the final operation and become president) and golden tickets and these are similar to the challenges that the Advisor gives you in its predecessor. However, there's more of a feeling of pressure since if you fail their challenges, it'll likely take away a handful of shares from you and will add a number to your Firing Status, these being your strikes. Once you reach five, you're fired from the company, that being an instant Game Over (alongside with Bankruptcy), but earning a promotion resets it back to zero.


SimCoaster The Three Unique Zones

The Three Park Zones

There are three zones in the game, each having five areas, all but the starting areas having their own Special Ride, which are initially in decayed and dilapidated states, but can be repaired and opened for the public to ride on for a price. One could compare it to expanding the park since it requires both Golden Tickets and staff to be trained with specific abilities. These zones, and the four special rides for each of their respective areas, are as follows:

  • The Land of Invention - A very sciency and steampunk based theme park that has an industrial feel to it.
    • Wheel Deal - A water track which has its station themed after a watermill. This is unlocked after Operation Expand!.
    • Great Lake - A bumper-cars attraction that takes place in a large lake. This is unlocked after Operation Plughole!.
    • Thrill Mill - A log flume themed after a sawmill, and uses literal logs for its boats. This is unlocked after Operation Wood!.
    • High Flyer - An aerial tour ride that uses a very prototypical-ish flying device design for its cars, much like an aerial screw. This is unlocked after Operation Wet!.
  • Polar Zone - A theme park based upon the arctic regions and festive holidays, themed to be in a polar zone, hence its title.
    • Drop in the Ocean - A vertical drop ride that has riders drop down in a chasm before being lifted back up. This is unlocked after Operation Fillup!.
    • Whale of a Time - A vertical lift ride that uses a whale as a lifting device. This is unlocked after Operation Crossover!.
    • Reindeer Run - A vertical spinner ride that uses reindeer pulling a sleigh on an axis to swing around. This is unlocked after Operation Mole!.
    • Hasty Husky - A fixed rollercoaster ride that has Santa riding through a mountain. This is unlocked after Operation Demolish!.
  • Arabian Nights - A middle-eastern based theme park that takes cues from both Arabia and Egypt, and is mostly desert based.
    • The Scarabs - A go-kart ride that uses scarab beetles as its cars. This is unlocked after Operation Rock!.
    • Spin Djinn - A horizontal and vertical flipper ride utilizing a spinning genie. This is unlocked after Operation Across!.
    • Palace of Delights - A rollercoaster that's themed after an Arabian palace. This is unlocked after Operation Cliff!.
    • The Scorpions - A bumper-cars ride that has people ride in scorpion shaped cars. This is unlocked after Operation Tunnel!.

You'll visit each of these three zones at least twice; once to open them up and opening a few areas, and twice with opening the remaining areas, as well as getting a promotion in both scenarios.

Product features[]

  • Build and manage over 200 different rides
  • Ride 18 roller coasters up close and personal
  • Complete objectives and challenges to gain promotions
  • Swap coasters with friends using the Coaster Design Kit