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Theme Park Rides - This is a full list of all the different Park rides that are available to the player to purchase and place within their park in Bullfrog's "Theme Park" . At the start of a game, the player starts out with only four rides (Bouncy Castle, Tree House, Merry-Go-Round and Ghost House but there are a total of 29 available rides in the park.

In Full and Sim mode, you can only add to the number of rides available by investing in Research. At Sandbox level, more rides are added to the list at the end of the financial year.

Once the player has bought and positioned a ride, they then are to choose where to place the rides entrance and exit. This allows the user to design the rides Queue to be as long or as short as they want it to be. There are also a number of track rides (like Monorail, Rubber Tubing, Roller Coaster, Race Car Ride etc) where the user designs the size and shape of the ride and can win prizes for length.

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