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Bullfrog Theme Park Shops

There are many different types of shops with the game Theme Park which will both entertain and cause your visitors to spend money in the park.

Shops in Theme Park, unlike shops in Theme Park World, need to be restocked by the player rather than doing it automatically.

Official summary[]

Shops fall into three categories: Food & drink stands, Souvenir shops and side shows. While it's the thrill rides that draw in the crowds, you'll need to keep visitors happy (and earn extra bucks) but supplying refreshments, and hopefully entice them into going hope with some Theme Park Souvenirs as well.


  • Food and drink stands are essential to the running of your park, as people will head home if they can't get a drink and a bite to eat. However, souvenir shops and side shows, for which you needn't buy stock, can turn you the healthiest profits.
  • Visitors only buy souvenirs if they're having a good time, so place souvenir shops near your park's best rides and watch the money roll in.