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For staff from the game Theme Park World, see Theme Park World Staff.
Theme Park Staff

Theme Park Staff refers to a list of all the different types of staff members that the player is able to hire to work for them in their park within the "Theme Park" video game. There's no way you can offer the levels of service and satisfaction that your paying customers expect without staff. You can hire entertainers, Handymen, Mechanics and guards. Each have specific duties, but they're all there to help things run smoothly.

The more staff and shops the player owns, the more regularly you will need to enter into negotiations with your staff's union members over how much of a pay rise your staff members will get. If you fail to agree on the pay rise, your negotiations will fail and your staff members will stop working and will go on strike, protesting in front of your park.

Note: Remember that staff are an ongoing expense, the figures next to each category represents their monthly wage.


  • Entertainers: Entertainers are hired to walk around the park to entertain your visitors which will keep your visitors happy. There are five different costumes that entertainers will ware: Teddy Man, Shark Man, Strong Man, Chicken Man and Rhino Man. It must be sheer hell inside one of those suits and not easy to keep smiling, but that's exactly what their job entails. The more entertainers you have, the more enjoyment customers get from their visit - kids especially love them.
  • Handyman
  • Mechanic
  • Guard

Staff in Theme Games

Theme Park Staff
Teddy Man, Shark Man ,Handyman, Chicken Man, Strong Man, Mechanic, Rhino Man, Guard.
Theme Park World Staff
Cleaner, Mechanic, Entertainer, Guard, Scientist
Theme Hospital Staff
Doctors, Nurse, Receptionist, Handyman