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Theme Park World (known as Sim Theme Park in the United States and Brazil and Theme Park Roller Coaster on the PS2 in America) is a construction and management simulation, and is a sequel to the successful 1994 video game Theme Park. Theme Park World was developed by Bullfrog Productions and released by Electronic Arts in 1999. Initially developed for Windows, it was later ported to PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and Macintosh computers.

Using golden tickets, users were able to buy new rides, attractions, shops and features on the game's website (Which are all also included in the 'Sim Theme Park Gold'). Most of the staff the user can hire in Theme Park World are named after people who worked on the game.

The music for Theme Park World is by James Hannigan and the game won a BAFTA Award at the BAFTA Interactive Awards in 2000.

Manual Description[]

Build your own theme park, with all the roller coasters, rides, food stalls and anything else you can think of.

You change every aspect of each and every ride, event and stall that you place inside your park, from colors to the length of each ride, the amount of people on at a time, and how many fries are in a pack of chips (ok, maybe not that much detail, but you get the point).

The roller coasters are always the main events, and after you complete the construction, you can ride the coaster in a first person view, just to see the game from the view point of the customers.

System Requirements[]

Windows® 95/98
200 MHz Intel® Pentium® MMX processor
4MB video card.
DirectX™ 6.1 compatible sound card with DirectSound™ support.
DirectX™ 6.1 (supplied with CD)
300 MB free hard drive space
4x CD-ROM drive*
Refers to a 4 speed CD-ROM drive

Recommended Configuration[]

300 MHz Intel Pentium II processor or faster
DirectX 6.1 compatible sound card with DirectSound™ support.
8MB 3D Hardware Accelerator Card with Direct3D support.See
Direct3D section of this Reference Card for supported cards.
16X CD-ROM drive

Online Requirements[]

Online features requires TCP/IP internet connection at 28.8Kbps or faster. Players are responsible for all applicable internet fees.

Game Case:[]

The Theme Park is back in town and the clamouring kids are on the verge of battering down the gates. The only thing is you haven't built it yet!

  • Building - Plan and place rides, shops, side-shows and a host of other features.
  • Visit - Check your park out in realistic first person mode.
  • Ride - Experience your fantastic creations in person!
  • Employ - Hire front line staff, then fire them if they're not up to the job.
  • Adjust - Tweak the performance of your rides and shops.
  • Research - Bring in the boffins to invent even better attractions and facilities.
  • Postcards - Send snapshots pictures of your park to your friends, anywhere in the world.
  • On-line - Publish your parks online and visit other people's parks - all over the world.


There are 4 different types of parks to unlock and build, known as Worlds. Each World has different rides. As you unlock new areas, the game becomes progressively harder. The Worlds are:

  • Lost Kingdom, a jungle theme park with Aztec castles and dinosaurs. This along with Halloween World is the first world you begin with, but Wonderland and Space Zone can be unlocked later on with Golden Keys. This park, along with Halloween World, are the easiest.
  • Halloween World, a scary theme park with ghostly rides and haunted houses. This world, along with the Lost Kingdom only need one Golden Key to unlock. Both this park and Lost Kingdom are the easiest to play at.
  • Wonderland, the second to last unlocked and second hardest level. A fantasy theme park. Three Golden Keys are needed to unlock this world.
  • Space Zone, the final and hardest level. A futuristic theme park with spaceships and aliens. Five Golden Keys are needed to unlock this world.

The player starts off with 1 key and must choose between Halloween World or Lost Kingdom and set up a park. In order for the player to gain more keys and be able to unlock the other worlds, the player must obtain 3 Golden Tickets.

Shortcut Keys[]

Shortcut Keys
Action Shortcut Key
Turn help bar on/off Ctrl + H
Menu (or cancel current action) Esc
Hide/unhide control panel F3
Open Park Ctrl + O
Close Park Ctrl + C
Buy Attractions B
Hire Staff H
Park Info (Status) I
All Attractions A
All Staff S
All Visitors V
Financial Info F
Loans L
Staff Training budgets T
Entry Price G
Research R
Map screen Space
Staff Locator Ctrl + S
Visitor Locator Ctrl + V
Send E-Mail Postcard Ctrl + P
Camcorder mode (click to desired location) C
Rotate Camera LEFT/RIGHT Left/Right Arrow keys
Scroll LEFT/RIGHT Numpad 4/6
Scroll UP/DOWN Numpad 8/2
Zoom Camera IN/OUT Up/Down Arrow Keys
Return to Park Gates View Home
Turn Blueprint Clockwise Comma (,)
Turn Blueprint Anticlockwise Full stop (.)
Build multiple Features (hold key) Hold Ctrl while placing the item
Copy object (hold key and left-click the object) Hold Ctrl and left-click the object
Delete Queues/Tracks etc Backspace
Clear land Delete
Delete path tile being pointed at Backspace
Speed Up Time Numpad +
Slow Down Time Numpad - (minus)
Reset Time To Normal Numpad *
Pause/Unpause P
Play advisor help speech for current screen/action F1
Hide/reveal chat interface F4
Switch focus between Chat window and Game window Tab
Say Message Enter

Cheats, Tricks and Tips[]

Compiled List
Category Tips
Getting More Visitors * Hold [Left Shift] + [Left Ctrl] + [Left Alt] and press [Right Ctrl] for visitors via plane.
* Hold [Left Shift] + [Left Ctrl] + [Left Alt] and press [Right Shift] for visitors via bus.
* In Dino World: Ignore message about low gate price to get more visitors.
* Edit "standard.sam" to reduce "Arrival.TimeBetweenArrivals" for faster visitor arrival.
Unlocking Park Areas * At island select, hold [Shift] and type "allparklands" to unlock all areas.
Alternate Click Modes * When building paths, hold [Shift] to toggle free mouse mode. Click directly on visitors.
Money Cheats * Edit "standard.sam" and change starting balance to any value.
* Raise a sideshow price high while someone is playing, lower after. You'll receive inflated amount.
* Edit "challenges" file to increase quest rewards. Complete for easy money.
* Place high salt chip shop near drink stand. Guests will buy more drinks when thirsty.
Unlocking Items Early * Edit "rides" file to copy rides between levels, unlocking them.
* Use "demo" cheat mode ([Ctrl]+Z, [Alt]+Z, [Shift]+Z) to unlock items.
* Buy special ride unlocks with golden tickets.
Park Management Tips * Set staff patrol routes through key areas like litter zones and restrooms.
* Build security cameras/monitors to catch misbehaving guests.
* Hire entertainer to perform at long ride queues.
* Raise shop prices in high happiness areas to increase profits.
* Research and build new rides continuously to attract guests.
Miscellaneous Cheats * Edit "standard.sam" to disable guest needs, reduce costs, increase arrival rate.
* Block park exits to force guests to stay and spend more.
* Edit Giant Puzzle rewards to maximize profit each play.
Official Tips * Set staff to patrol past restrooms regularly to keep cleanliness up.
* Build litter bins near all food/drink shops so guests can easily dispose waste.
* Plant bushes/trees around restrooms to reduce emitted odors.
* Ensure ride queues and exits are connected to paths so guests can access them.
* Plan track rides carefully since they take up a lot of space.
* Add excitement to coasters with steep hills, loops, etc. But not too much or guests will feel ill.
User Submitted Tips * Edit Giant Puzzle rewards (chance of winning, prize cost, game cost) to maximize profit each play.
More Visitors 1. Hold [Left Shift] + [Left Ctrl] + [Left Alt] then press [Right Ctrl] for more visitors via airplane. Hold [Left Shift] + [Left Ctrl] + [Left Alt] then press [Right Shift] for a bus.
2. While you're in Dinoland, ignore or delete the message about the low gate price to attract more visitors.
3. Hold [Left Shift] + [Left Ctrl] + [Left Alt]. An airplane, bus, or boat with more visitors will arrive.
Island Select Hold [Shift] and type "allparklands" at the island selection screen.
Alternate Mouse Pointer When in a park, hold [Shift]. The mode will switch out of path mode. You can also click on visitors only. Release [Shift] to go back into path mode.
Increase Money 1. Edit the "standard.sam" file in the "levels" directory. Change the starting balance from "$50000" to any amount under "Bank balance stuff".
2. When someone enters a sideshow, raise the price to $10,000. After they finish, you'll get the money. Remember to lower the price afterward.
3. Complete challenges presented by the bowling ball guy to earn extra money. Adjust prices and quantities of food items to win challenges faster.
4. Place a chip shop and a drinks shop next to each other. Increase the salt on the chips and decrease the price. Raise the cost of the drinks to entice guests to buy after eating salty chips.
5. While a guest is playing a puzzle game, increase the game price as much as possible midway. The guest will have to pay the increased price.
6. Go to a puzzle sideshow that has a low play cost. While somebody is playing, up the play cost to $10,000. When they finish the puzzle you will get the $10,000 instead of the lower play cost they started playing at.
7. The Giant Puzzle can be used as a great source of income if the player is having money issues or is trying to beat the profit challenge as it can net the player $500 per go. This trick is achieved by editing: Chance of winning, Cost of prize and the Price of the game.
Unlock All Rides and Shops 1. Edit the "rides" file in the "data/levels" folder. Copy the rides from one level to another.
2. Press Alt and Z after pausing the game and typing "Demo" to activate cheat mode.
Unlock All Worlds Edit the "global" file in the "data/levels/space" or "data/levels/fantasy" directories. Change the "keys.to enter" value to your desired number.
Adjust Challenges Edit the "challenges" file in the "data" folder. Change any number to make the challenges either easier or harder.
Unlock Secret Items Accumulate a lot of golden tickets. Purchase the special rides in the ride buying list to unlock secret rides.
Get a Secret Golden Ticket Build an exciting go-kart/water ride track or earn a significant profit.
Park Management 1. Assign staff members to specific areas for better cleanliness, faster ride repairs, and better visibility for entertainers.
2. Build security cameras in different areas of the park to monitor and catch misbehaving children.
3. Hire an entertainer and place them at the end of long lines to entertain waiting children.
4. Build a small park with four puzzle games close together, two rides, one food outlet, one bathroom, and a gate price of $0. Increase prices when all four puzzles are active for more profit.
5. Before opening your park make sure it’s worth opening. Build a couple of rides, a shop, a sideshow, a Staff Room and Toilets at least. Visitors do not like walking long distances so when you have a large park you should put some very exciting attractions at the back of the park if you want people to go there.
6. Add Security measures. When the park gets busy, security measures allow your Guards to catch pranksters before they can annoy too many visitors. With good security camera coverage, you only need one guard. When your park grows and profit is good, perhaps consider hiring more.
7. Watch for Happy Zones! If you notice an area of your park is making people very happy, then make the most of it. Visitors pay a little more at the shops if they are happy!
8. Beware Sickness! If you build food and drink shops near the entrance to fast or exciting rides, don’t be surprised if the kids look a bit green when they step off the ride! Kids love big parks! The more attractions you have in your park, the more kids will want to come to the park. They’ll also be willing to pay more! Remember; keep raising your park entry ticket price to make the most of this.
9. Stopping visitors leaving trick is a cheat/trick that the player can use during Theme Park World gameplay where they block visitors from exiting the park in order to reap certain benefits as well to easily achieve goals or Challenges the game have set.
Increase Park Happiness 1. Lower the ticket prices to around $20 to attract more visitors.
2. Increase the chances of winning on sideshows to their maximum. Guests will stay longer in your park if they're happy and will give a thumbs up when they win.
3. Build roller coasters with at least 30 loops to attract more guests and earn a golden ticket.
Earn Golden Tickets 1. Increase park attendance.
2. Build tall roller coasters.
3. Sell a lot of food items.
4. Attract a high number of visitors to your park.
5. Aim for a high number of visitors in a year.
6. Create a highly exciting and happy park.
Earn Golden Keys Earn 3 golden tickets to receive 1 golden key.
There are a total of 5 golden keys available. Collect three Golden Keys for World of Wonders Park and five for Space Zone Park.
Avoiding Bankruptcy 1. If you have an outstanding small loan, get a larger one, then pay off the small one.
2. Ride your rides or follow a guest with binoculars while waiting to earn money.
Use the River in Lost Kingdom You can place the track for Dinokarts on top of the river in Lost Kingdom.
Get Rid of Pranksters Edit "standard.sam" and change the value of "PeepInfo.PrankeryLikelihood" to zero.
Tons of Cheats Edit "standard.sam" and change "Arrival.TimeBetweenArrivals" to one for faster visitor arrival. Change "Costs.QueueCell" to one for cheaper queues. Adjust "Region effects" for different visitor behaviors. For example, setting hunger to ten will prevent visitors from getting hungry.
Pesky Bowling Ball Guy Turn off Extra Help in the Options screen to stop the annoying bowling ball guy from talking.
Taking Candy... Lower the price and increase the chance of winning on a side show game. Raise the price while a child is playing to make them owe you money if they win.
Happier, Longer-Staying Guests Set up a small park with puzzle games close together. Make sure all games are within view of each other. Increase the global price for all puzzles while they are active. Set prizes to a higher value and maximum win possibility.
Faster Researching 1. Build three researchers at the beginning of the game. Train them in staff info under researchers and training. Start researching three things simultaneously and set the total research to 97.
2. Once you’ve built all the available attractions you should start researching new ones. Remember; you must hire a scientist before research will start. Unfortunately, Scientists are expensive so don’t hire more than you can afford!
999999 Money Locate the file related to money and modify it to start with the desired amount.
Raise prices for easy money Raise admission fees for affordable attractions while patrons are using them. Lower prices to attract more visitors and repeat the process.
Cheat Mode Pause the game and type "demo" to enable cheat mode. During gameplay, enter the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:
1. **$50,000:** [Shift] + C
2. **Unlock all rides:** [Ctrl] + Z
3. **Unlock all shops:** [Alt] + Z
4. **Unlock trees, bathrooms, and other facilities:** [Shift] + Z
Official Tips 1. Cleanliness:
- Problem Areas: After a few months you may notice problem areas developing in your park. Setting staff patrol routes will counter these. Toilets are an obvious danger zone, so set a Cleaner or two to patrol past them on a regular basis.
- Litter Bins: Make sure there’s a Litter Bin near all your Food and Drink Shops! If kids find themselves with a handful of litter, they’ll be more inclined to put it in the bin if you’ve thoughtfully placed one nearby.
- Floral Air Freshener: Nothing absorbs the heady aroma of a dirty toilet like a nice bit of flora. Liberal planting of bushes and trees around your toilets considerably reduces the nasty smells they emit.
2. Rides:
- Queues and Exits: Ensure the visitors can get in and out of all your attractions. They get very annoyed when they want to go on a ride but the queue or exit is not connected to the path.
- Planning Track Rides: Water rides and go-kart tracks take up a lot of room! Plan carefully, so that they are a feature, rather than an inconvenience to the development of your park.
- Excitement: Ensure your Roller Coasters are exciting by putting in lots of steep climbs, banking the corners, building loops and so on. remember, too many thrills will make your customers ill and may even drive them away.
User Submitted The Giant Puzzle can be used as a great source of income if the player is having money issues or is trying to beat the profit challenge as it can net the player $500 per go. This trick is achieved by editing: Chance of winning, Cost of prize and the Price of the game. Change the setting to really favourable values to attract players. Whilst the player is playing, change the values so that: Change of winning is full, Cost of price is $0 and price of the game is $10,000. You will receive the $10,000.

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