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Official tips[]


  • Place an Entertainer next to the end of the queue for a popular ride. As the punters stream past him on the way to the ride, they'll be cheered up by his amusing antics. If the ride breaks down and the customers come back out of the queue, he'll be there to keep their spirits up.
  • Before opening your park make sure it’s worth opening. Build a couple of rides, a shop, a sideshow, a Staff Room and Toilets at least. Visitors do not like walking long distances so when you have a large park you should put some very exciting attractions at the back of the park if you want people to go there.
  • Add Security measures. When the park gets busy, security measures allow your Guards to catch pranksters before they can annoy too many visitors. With good security camera coverage, you only need one guard. When your park grows and profit is good, perhaps consider hiring more.
  • Watch for Happy Zones! If you notice an area of your park is making people very happy, then make the most of it. Visitors pay a little more at the shops if they are happy!
  • Beware Sickness! If you build food and drink shops near the entrance to fast or exciting rides, don’t be surprised if the kids look a bit green when they step off the ride! Kids love big parks! The more attractions you have in your park, the more kids will want to come to the park. They’ll also be willing to pay more! Remember; keep raising your park entry ticket price to make the most of this.


  • Problem Areas. After a few months you may notice problem areas developing in your park. Setting staff patrol routes will counter these. Toilets are an obvious danger zone, so set a Cleaner or two to patrol past them on a regular basis.
  • Litter Bins. Make sure there’s a Litter Bin near all your Food and Drink Shops! If kids find themselves with a handful of litter, they’ll be more inclined to put it in the bin if you’ve thoughtfully placed one nearby.
  • Floral Air Freshener! Nothing absorbs the heady aroma of a dirty toilet like a nice bit of flora. Liberal planting of bushes and trees around your toilets considerably reduces the nasty smells they emit.


  • Queues and Exits. Ensure the visitors can get in and out of all your attractions. They get very annoyed when they want to go on a ride but the queue or exit is not connected to the path.
  • Planning Track Rides. Water rides and go-kart tracks take up a lot of room! Plan carefully, so that they are a feature, rather than an inconvenience to the development of your park.
  • Excitement. Ensure your Roller Coasters are exciting by putting in lots of steep climbs, banking the corners, building loops and so on. remember, too many thrills will make your customers ill and may even drive them away.
  • Research! Once you’ve built all the available attractions you should start researching new ones. Remember; you must hire a scientist before research will start. Unfortunately, Scientists are expensive so don’t hire more than you can afford!

User submitted[]


  • Stopping visitors leaving trick is a cheat/trick that the player can use during Theme Park World gameplay where they block visitors from exiting the park in order to reap certain benefits as well to easily achieve goals or Challenges the game have set.

Theme Park World sideshows[]

The Giant Puzzle can be used as a great source of income if the player is having money issues or is trying to beat the profit challenge as it can net the player $500 per go. This trick is achieved by editing: Chance of winning, Cost of prize and the Price of the game


  1. Change the setting to really favourable values to attract players.
  2. Whilst the player is playing, change the values so that: Change of winning is full, Cost of price is $0 and price of the game as $500.
  3. If you press the tick before the player finish, the player will give the game $500.
  4. (optional) Place 4 in adjacent sectors and use the "Apply to all" checkbox to quickly rake in money, allowing you to scoop $2000 for each player