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This is a list of all the different Cheats/Glitches or tricks that the player is able to perform whilst playing Theme Park World. This page will feature cheats from all the different platforms that the game was related on. For a different kind of cheating in this game, see Game file editing.

Giant Puzzle[]

The Giant Puzzle sideshow can be used as a great source of income if the player is having money issues or is trying to beat the profit challenge as it can net the player $500 per go. This trick is achieved by changing around the values of Chance of winning, Cost of prize and the Price of the game


  1. Change the setting to really favorable values to attract players.
  2. Whilst the player is playing, change the values so that: Change of winning is full, Cost of price is $0 and price of the game as $500.
  3. If you press the tick before the player finish, the player will give the game $500.

Fries and Drink shops[]

Place a Fries Shop next to a Drinks Shop and put the price of the fries right down to $0. Then put the SALT right the way up so there is all possible salt on the fries. DON'T FORGET TO CLICK APPLY ON BOTH OR IT WONT WORK!!! The visitors should buy some fries and the salt will dry their mouths out and will need a drink so set the price of the Drinks to $10,000 and they will have to pay for a drink!!!

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