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Theme Park World Rides - This page is a full list of Park rides which appear in Bullfrog's game "Theme Park World". In the game there are four park worlds (Lost Kingdom, Halloween World, Wonderland, Space Zone), which each either have their own unique rides or modified versions of other rides. In each park, the player starts with only a few rides and uses the park's Scientist and Research Lab to research new rides or upgrades to existing ones.

In each park, the player can earn a series of Golden Tickets which will allow them to buy extra park rides which can't be accessed any other way.

Official description[]

Firstly, you can add new rides. You’ll attract more visitors to the park and might make them stay longer, too. Then, maybe add more shops and sideshows. Both of these make you money and shops provide visitors with food and drinks, which will keep them happy.

List of Rides[]


  • The player can change different things about these rides by editing the game files such as having each worlds ride available in each world.
  • Some Theme Park World rides are similar to the rides from "Theme Park".