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This page is a list of Park Shops which can be purchased and placed within the players park within Bullfrog's Theme Park World game. Many of these games are upgrades of similar shops that existed in the prequel Theme Park such as Balloon, Burger, Fries etc.

Many of the shops in the game are the same through out the different worlds (Lost Kingdom, Halloween World, Wonderland and Space Zone), and are available in each only with their appearances changed to match the Park World's design.

Official description[]

Visitors get hungry and thirsty enjoying themselves so don’t neglect their needs! They also love to spend their pocket money on all manner of Theme Park paraphernalia! It’s important to provide an adequate number of shops both for your customers enjoyment – and to allow you to extract significant amounts of cash from the little devils, too!

The Shops[]

All Worlds: Shops that are available in all park worlds.


This section is for shops that only appear in one park world.