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Theme Park World features are the collective name for the miscellaneous items that you can build for your park world just like you could buy a certain feature in Theme Park. These features are made up or useful items for your park (like bins and security cameras) and items for entertainment (like gravestones for Halloween World, Fireworks, Signs etc.)

Just like with the rides, the shops and the Sideshows, your park Scientist work through out the game developing new features for the player to buy.

Common Features[]

Common features are features that can be bought for all parks though they may look different to fit into the theme of that park.

  • Buy Land: The player can mark out and buy extra land for their park.
  • Clear Land: Clear land in your park.
  • Fountains: Buy different types of fountains for your park.
  • Security Cameras: Place security cameras around the park to aid security staff.
  • Toilet: Basic single one person toilet
  • Staff Room