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Theme Park visitors refers to different people who come to visit your Theme Park during a game of Theme Park.



The whole point of all this efforts is to attract as many customers to your park as possible, and to make sure that they're having such a good time that they don't notice how much money they're spending on rides, refreshments and souvenirs.

Customers come in all shapes and sizes, but you can alter the age range of the people attracted to your Theme Park. The bigger and faster the thrill rides, the more youngsters are going to appear, but if you make the rides too defying , a rabbit of thrill hungry bikers could move in. On the other hand, if the riders are more sedate you will begin to notice White hair and walking frames, amongst the park's visitors.


Thugs: When you see a bike load of Heavies heading for the park, prepare for a rough ride. They do everything possible to ruin the day for the rest of your customers. They pop balloons, steal food, beat up entertainers and smash rides. Leave them for too long and they get in touch with their Hell's Angel pals from the premises. However, it's no use just stationing guards at the park entrance, as thugs can only be thrown out once they've committed an offense.

Consumer association reps: If your park is developing a bad reputation, whether it be for high prices or poo quality, spies from a customer association infiltrate to check the place out. They can be spotted by a sharp-eyed park owner by the official consumer clipboards they refer to as they exit each ride. To beat the rap, make sure all the shops and rides they use are reasonably priced and in perfect working order. That way they eventually leave the park satisfied.