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Theme hospital Toxicity


Toxicity is a hospital which appears within the Bullfrog game, Theme Hospital. This is the first hospital which makes up the first level of the game, and is the easiest level of the game with only a few simple objectives. It is a play on words as it uses the words toxic representing the game as a hospital simulator and city representing that all the games takes place in cities.


  • Rise the hospitals reputation to 300.
  • Keep a bank balance of $1,000 or more.
  • Cure 40% of the visitors who come to the hospital.
  • Cure 10 or more patients.
  • Create a hospital which is valued at $55,000.

Theme Hospital levels
ToxicitySleepy HollowLargechesterFrimpton-on-SeaSimpletonFestering-on-the-Wold


  • The level has a emergency landing despite the fact that no emergencies take place in the entire level.
  • This level is also used as a rat-shoot level