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Tree House
A Ride from Theme Park
Theme park Tree house
Excitement Poor
Reliability Very Good
Capacity 1
Cost 4000
Previous Snakes and Ladders
Next Rubber Tubing

Tree House is a Theme Park Ride that, along with Bouncy Castle, Merry-Go-Round and Ghost House, is one of the rides you have when you first start off your park.

In game description[]

The tree house looks good although it's not a trip to Mars, that mechanical elephant is as reliable as they come. It simply doesn't break down.


The Tree House has a slightly different appearance on different platforms. On the PC version, when someone is on the ride, there's an elephant and a creature appears and a pipe-shaped telescope appears. On the Playstation version, it happens as the same on the PC version but without the creature and the pipe-shaped telescope.

On the Nintendo DS version, you'll find that the Tree House does the same moves as the PC version's, but it is converted into an African Tree House in the South Africa level. On the African Tree House, instead of an elephant, a giraffe walks on a conveyor belt. The African Tree House has leaves that are lighter coloured than the normal Tree House's leaves. A creature appears and instead of a pipe-shaped telescope, a gorilla appears and beats its stomach.