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Uforia is a Bumper Cars type ride that's located in the Space Zone themed area. You need to have your Scientist that you recently employed to complete the project by researching it before accessing it right away.


An futuristic arena-like rink with a swirl tile in the middle of it.


Uforia suffers badly from peer pressure, being in the fourth ride research group, and by the time you get access to it, a bumper cars rink seems a little mundane. Still, it's worth persevering. By the time you can build one, many of your earlier rides will have become a little stale in the fickle minds of your customers. So just wait until you've a small surplus--the ride only costs $2,000--and then stick in Uforia as a bonus new attraction. It won't make you rich on it's own, but it will help round off your park's appeal.